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Backup Re-imagined with Rubrik

Written by Brad Maher on December 19, 2016

We recently started working with a newcomer to the backup game, Rubrik. Rubrik is a revolutionary data management platform that has modernized backup. This is a whole new approach to backup. Rubrik takes a refreshing next generation approach to protecting data, as well as recovering it. In a world where “Cloud” is on everyone’s mind, the industry struggles to find solid platforms that were built with cloud in mind. Usually the backup vendor is adapting an existing solution to support cloud, and it’s a bolt on virtual appliance or proxy type service.

The old way of doing Backup

Backup if often plagued by a host of complexities. We’ve all dealt with proxies for backup of VM’s, and disk based storage solutions that offer de-duplication of data. Each of these segments requires access to a different management interface and can often be difficult to manage. Many times these products can be multiple vendors.









How Rubrik Solves these problems

This solution alleviates these challenges by building these features into one appliance. As you can see, in the graphic below, everything is built into the appliance. The management interface gives you access into the total solution. Everything from job management to backup proxies and archive is accessible from the Rubrik console.


Rubrik Architecture

Rubrik is appliance based. View the graphic below, it’s a screen capture of the models available. Each “Brik” has 4 nodes inside of it. The system is built for webscale where scales brik by brik or node by node. Sizing is very easy to comprehend and is done based on the number of virtual machines in your environment. This solution also backs up physical workloads, which many other backup solutions that are virtualization focused can not do. The appliance leverages 10Gbps Ethernet to communicate with the servers being backed up, and it also spreads the backup jobs across nodes for better backup performance.



Integration and Automation with Rubrik

Larger organizations are starting to see the benefits of automation. Rubrik is built on a 100% REST API first strategy. This means that any feature can be accessed through a REST API call. This is huge for shops using Puppet, Chef, VMware vRA, etc. Backup can be seamlessly integrated into your automation processes with a variety of the major automation players.

chef-logo  puppet   saltstack-logo


Backup is in need of a simplification, and I think Rubrik has done it. They’ve made backup easy to use and simple to manage. They’ve also enabled cloud as an Archive and made it easier to retrieve data from the cloud on a file by file basis. All in all Rubrik is definitely worth taking a look at.






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