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In the Life of a Sales Representative

Written by Sarah Brenner on February 21, 2018

Sales is easy, right? You have flexibility, get to hang out with clients and make a big paycheck. Not so fast! The life of a sales rep is both challenging and rewarding. Sales is hard work and it is nonstop, 24/7. A client’s needs don’t start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM, it takes weekends, nights, holidays, and putting out fires. Building long-term trusted relationships take time, it is all about planting the seeds for future opportunities. Competitors are always present and trying to win the same business, and often your relationships have to answer to others. People move jobs or retire which puts you back at square one with negotiating and overcoming objections. Sales can involve rejection and a lot of it. It’s the wins that create the highs and after all the work you’ve put in, if you are not prospecting, the funnel can dry up pretty quickly. Sales can be fun, but by no means is it glamorous. However, when you do get that sale, it is absolutely exhilarating! The art of selling and knowing what angle to go with during a sale is something that comes with experience. Even if you are the most experienced sales rep you’ll always be learning. Working in sales, you thrive on the competition, and it only makes winning even sweeter. So, keep at it and sell something!

Kelly Angel
Enterprise Account Manager
SnowCap Technologies

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